Top 3 Used RV FAQ

Answering to each and every concern of the customer is one of the many tasks that an RV dealer needs to perform. While it is good that they address your concerns, you must not forget that these people are salesmen. In as much as they try to describe the RV truthfully, their feedback can also be a bit biased. In as much as they suggest what RV suits you best, their suggestion can be simple up sells in a sheep’s clothing.

Doing things on your own can help, most especially when looking for the right RV to buy. Research in your own little way because arming yourself with the right knowledge will make you less prone to being tricked by scheming salesmen into buying the most expensive RV in their store only to go home and find out that the RV that you just bought not suit your lifestyle, budget or needs.

1. Is financing possible for used RV?

Yes, financing is possible even for used RVs most especially expensive ones such as Class “A” RVs and Fifth Wheels. Buying used travel trailers may need no financing as they are relatively cheaper as compared to the former and the latter. The previous owner of the used RV can also help you achieve financing or if not, you can ask any RV dealer to look for an appropriate financing that suits your situation best.

2. Are RV dealers used RV sellers as well?

Fact of the matter is, most if not all RV dealers sell new and old RVs alike. Consignment is the common trick of the trade where the RV dealer looks for possible buyers for the used RV that the owner wants to dispose. The RV dealer acts as the mediator in the transaction where the owner and the buyer have the last say. Check RV dealers in your area to find out more about consignment and the best deals for RVs both used and new.

3. Is background check possible when buying use RVs?

The difference between buying a new RV and a used RV is that if you decide to buy the latter, you need to investigate further, ask a round more and research deer. The last thing that you want is to spend you money into is by purchasing fairly old and beaten RV that has a lot of hidden damages and unknown flaws. If you are doubtful about the previous owners sincerity and honesty in your probing and questioning, you can look for companies that will serve as a third arty investigator about the overall background o the RV IN their report you will see the history of your RV every repairs made, every renovations made can be seen here. This will give you an idea whether the used RV that you want to buy is a catch or not.

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