RV Storage Compartments and 3 Easy Ways for Thieves to Prosper

Outside accessible storage space can be helpful especially it helps in decluttering space-hungry gears that some people usually store in their RV’s interior storage cabinet. But, the thing is this section is a boon to “low-lifes” and rip-off artists of the society.

Image Source: The Fun Times Guide

Here is a little catch. Your key ring to that storage compartment is something anyone who owns an RV has. Look at the number stamped on it. Some people own the same stamped key like you do.

Regarding that. Your entry door does have a locking mechanism with two place that lock the door – one on the handle and one to throw the deadbolt. The one that locks the handle is marked with C or E, and guess what, it is a universal type of lock. Meaning that if I own an RV and has a passkey, I can easily open that. Anyone may open it.

To make up for this flaw, you have to use install a deadbolt lock. Aside from that, RVs built in the 1956 can be easily open with an ordinary screwdriver or any dime, so check out yours and see for yourself.
Now if a thief have an access to those stored compartments, gaining an entry inside would be not much difficult. So take a good look on your trailer or motorhome. Check everything. The roof vent which could be ripped off easily. And we all know that there is a convenient ladder on the back of the trailer that could be used.

Take the matter of compartment door, which is usually made of aluminium frame. It usually has a skin of sheet aluminium on the exterior and maybe, some insulation between an inner skin of the aluminium. A hard kick can definitely broke that door. And don’t be so sure about the locking mechanism with the tab that slide through. A flat bar can do the trick.

We should never be too sure. We are never too sure. Everyone should be minding about their own safety and try to think like a thief would do.

Make sure that valuables are kept somewhere safe, preferably, in a safe. And consider about installing alarms. A little money would not harm you.


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