RV Must-Haves

RVing is one of the best ways to travel around the country. It offers the comfort of home and the practicality that no other hostel or inn can offer. This can be pointed out as the main reason why RVing has become a trend for a lot of travelers all over the country.

Being a top choice travel mode for most people, preparations prior to a trip is a must. The comfort that comes along with your RV travel is closely related to the efficacy of and functionality of the equipments and appliances inside your RV. But there are circumstances that are beyond our control, these accidents can happen at any time. The best thing that we can do about these accidents that may happen at anytime is to equip ourselves with protection that life goes on after the unforeseen circumstances. These is why the need to equip your RV with fast repair equipments is something that any RV owner needs to carefully consider.

Electrical troubles are one of the most common issues that RV owners usually face. Before traveling, it is best to double check wires and connection of your RV. Make it a point to have an electrical kit that contains basic materials such as wire cutters, electrical tapes,spare bulbs, tools, extra wire, fuses, connectors and so on.

You also need to bring flashlights with extra batteries. This will be your secondary source of light should a minor accident or need of light happen. If you can afford to do so, extra flashlights for all members of the family will be of great help. You can also use this should you decide to go camping, snorkeling or trekking.

Duct tapes can come handy too for quick fixes so they should be a staple in your repair kit. Extra garden hoses and extra clamps will also offer you a greater sense of security as you are ready for all types of accidents.

Plumbing equipments for your RV is another thing that you need to consider as well. Leaky pipes and fittings may happen while on the road but if you extra PVC fitting,a short pull over to change those leaky fittings will eliminate the waste of time that you will have to face if you don’t have these plumbing equipments and accessories on hand.

Simple additions to your RV repair kit include a roll of duct tape which is great for many quick repairs. A couple of extra garden hoses with extra fitting hose clamps. For the road side breakdowns that may occur anytime, be sure that you have a spare jack with good quality as well as a reliable star wrench to breaking lug nuts and changing the spare.

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