RV Maintenance 101: The Roof

Having an RV means you have the comforts of home regardless of your actual geographical location. It means you can sleep on your own bed with your own pillow while you are in the middle of nowhere. It means you can answer to nature’s call safely and comfortably while in the middle of a jungle. Along with these advantages comes the responsibility of taking good care of your RV’s  general condition.
The roof of your RV is one of its major components and making sure that it stays in the best possible condition is one of each and every RV owner’s goals. A roofless RV just won’t work either for living or traveling.
As a responsible RV owner, make it a point to check your RV’s roof sealant twice every year. This will give you a bird’s eye view about the general condition of your RV’s roof. Remember that it is the place where water leakage is most likely to begin. The force of gravity makes water run down and a minor leak on your RV’s roof when left unattended can evolve into becoming a major problem that will cost you not only effort and time but money as well.

Taking some time to closely inspect your RV’s roof sealant is worth it. Keep your eyes open for every protruding fixture on each parts and corners of the roof. Watch out for cracks or spots that are starting to be thin as early remedy with the help proper materials can solve these minor problems in no time.
If the roof sealant of your RV is staring to peel or flake, removal of the existing coating and replacing it with a new coat is your best shot. Heat the old flaky coating with a hot air gun to help it come off easily thus you waste on time manually scraping it. If your RV’s roof is rubberized, you can use plastic scraper as it won’t damage the surface of the roof. Be sure to apply enough pressure to remove the old coating but not too much pressure that you end up damaging and cutting the rubber’s membrane.
Parts make up the whole and your RV is not just complete without a roof. If your roof is not in good shape, you will miss travel opportunities, worry about petty things and spend more in the repairs. Joining RV clubs will give you a chance not just to meet RV enthusiasts but you get to learn tips that can provide solution to each and every RV query that you may have.  Good Sam’s Club is a good club to get membership with. You get to have discounts on RV campgrounds, updates on RV events and so on. Its Extended Service Plan is ideal in keeping RV owner’s peace of mind as parts and components of the RV are secured long after the warranty is over.

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