RV Insurance Discounts (3 Ways In Order To Get One)

Insurance rates keep on rising and RV insurance rates are definitely not left behind. As a matter on fact, one can see dramatic increase in RV insurance rates over the couple of years. There are a lot of reasons as to why an increase occurs: One can blame it on the rising cost of RV parts, the increase of repairs cost or even in the dramatic increase in the numbers of claims made. Along with this increase are insurance companies that cater to people who are in need of RV insurance. The good thing about this is that it creates a competition among these firms.

A lot on insurance companies offer big discounts to get people to sign up or join them. Good Sam Club is a leading and trusted name when it comes to RV insurance. One of their best offers is known as the ERS (Emergency Roadside Service) as it gives members up to 30% discount on their standard rates. You can also follow the tips mentioned below to avail discounts that can help you save more.

1) Store your RV in a secure place. Remember that insurance companies consider the place where you store your RV when it is not in use. Considering the size of RVs, some people with limited space on their properties find it a bit challenging to store their RVs safely. This is why some people opt to rent secured RV storage spaces. It will not only give you and your insurance company a peace of mind if the RV is as safe as possible but it can also help in lowering your RV insurance rate. But if you are on the road, an Emergency Service Plan is suggested. Good Sam’s ERS offers unbeatable benefits such as a 24 hour dispatch hotline, reimbursement for uncalled for out of pocket expenses and a wide coverage area that reaches up to Canada and Mexico.

2) Another thing that can help in lowering your insurance rates down is by installing anti-theft devices on your RV. There are a lot of gadgets that can make your RV steal-proof. Installation of one or a combination of these gadgets can surely make a dramatic change in the rate that you are currently paying for your RV insurance. Before buying and installing anti-theft gadgets you have to check first with your insurance company for quotes of the possible discount. Overspending on the gadget and getting little discount is just not practical, it is best to weigh things down first. Make sure that you spend little or less on the anti-theft gadget and save more on the discount.

3) Take a short and inexpensive driving course. This will not only make you more confident when it comes to handling your RV but it can also serve as an effective way in decreasing your RV insurance rates. Go through the yellow pages as there are countless organizations and firms that offer short courses on RV driving. Once you have completed the course, be sure to inform your insurer about this as it can give you insurers an impression that you are a skilled driver. This means you can handle your RV better, thus lowering risk of accidents and the like.

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