How Prepared Are You?

RV vacations are better enjoyed if the whole family is safe and healthy all throughout the trip. A lot of things may come up along the way and what better way to deal with these possible problems other than by staying alert. If you are prepared for the things which may or may not happen, you get to enjoy your trip more. A carefree vacation means you are ready for RV emergency, weather problems, health hazards or mechanical breakdown. Below are tips that can help on deal with the different aspects of RV emergency plans.

First Aid

Health is wealth and a complete first aid kit is like a bank account where you can withdraw money in case something comes up. A first aid kit in your RV is a must as emergencies related to health may happen and what better way to give immediate care than by having all the medical things that may be needed while waiting for professional medical help to arrive. There are also instances when minor injuries arise and immediate care can be provided with the help of a complete first aid kit thus the need to cut the family vacation short because of a petty reason is taken out of the picture. You can also enroll in first aid programs as what you will learn will be a real lifesaving skill that you can use not only when out on your RV vacation but in everyday life as well. Band aids, alcohol, aspirin, wire gauze, scissors and insect replant must be present in your first aid kit. Sun-block and clothes for different types of weather can also be a great addition for your first aid kit.

Food Safety

Making sure that food handling and storage is safe and clean is another consideration that you need to make when planning an RV vacation. The last thing that you want to deal with when out on the road or in the campgrounds are stomach aches and upsets because there are times when access to bathroom are simply not possible. To ensure food safety, keep in mind to separate raw and cooked food when packing them. For food items that needs to be cooked, make sure that they are thoroughly cooked before serving. Leftovers need to be chilled immediately. Food preparation must be clean and disinfected as well. Just because you are at the jungles doesn’t mean you have to eat like a caveman.

Fire Safety

In times where you decide to have the traditional campfire in your RV vacation, make sure that your selected location for the campfire is safe. This means that they are away from tress or overhanging branches. You can look for a fire pit where campfires are usually allowed. A bucket of water or a shovel with sand can come in handy should the campfire grow bigger. Make sure that you have easy access to such forms of fire extinguisher. After your marshmallows and hotdogs have been heated and cooked, do not ever leave the fire unattended. Make it a point to extinguish the colas that you used before leaving.

Water Safety

You stay at a campground where water related activities are possible; you have to watch out for possible water related accidents as well. It will give you a sense of peace if your child knows how to swim so taking your children to swimming lessons can be a good investment. Regardless of the state that you are in, the law require life jacket for every person if boating, white water rafting and other water related activities are involved.

Weather Alert

Changes in the weather can happen while out camping and this can be a real threat most especially if you are in the woods or mountain. Arm yourself with wilderness survival kits like radios, Swiss army knife and the life. While most campgrounds have an emergency notification system, it is still best to be prepared for torrential rains, floods, typhoons and so on. Maps, GPS system can help a lot in times like these. Researching about the climate in the area that you are headed for can also help. As soon as ou7 arrive at the campgrounds, check Wifi and cell phone signals. You can also inform neighbors and friends where you are going for the weekend, that way if an emergency happens, people know where to find you.

Looking for an RV insurance policy may be confusing but it certainly is worth every penny that you spend and effort that you waste as you can be sure about your RV and your family’s safety should something go wrong. Good Sam’s Emergency Roadside Service Plan is perfect in giving you a sense of security as you travel along the streets of US. You can be sure that if something goes wrong with your RV, someone will be there to assist you. Top off your RV preparation with Good Sam’s as it will not only help you save hundred of dollars but you can be sure of the quality of service that it provides to each of its members.

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