Quick Tips: A Trio of RV Tips

Donald Shultz of North Royalton, Ohio shared his quick tips for RV’ing.

Image Source: Motorhome Magazine

After a day he spent with his coach, Schultz returned home one late evening and noticed two lower foldout steps illuminated by the amber light that lighted up the entry door is opened. However, it didn’t miss his attention that top three steps inside the entry are not lit. He resolute then to buy a small amber maker light from an auto-parts store and installed it on the second step inside and connected the wires to the light behind the lower two steps. This made all five steps illuminated once the entry door is opened.

Meanwhile, when he adjusted his motorhome’s steering wheel to a secure position, the move blocks the purview of the turn-signal lights in the dashboard. To settle the issue, he purchased two diminutive lights at an auto-parts store and installed them in the upper corners of the dash and connected them to the existing turn-signal wires.

He started looking for something that would keep the cover of his motorhome from tearing when he heard a lot of stories about how those covers get tattered from various scratching. He found some affordable foam kneepads with elastic straps at a home improvement store in the end. He used them on awning ends, wiper blade arms, generator and the engine exhaust pipe.


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