Mount Hood, Oregon: Three Fabulous Day Trips

Mount Hood has a great legend. Wy’east and Klickitat, brothers who fought over love for Squaw Mountain. The story had a bittersweet ending. But, in the end, it still formed the highest known peak in Oregon – Mount Hood.

Image Source: Motorhome Magazine

The Mount Hood stands to its greatness. If you like adventure, then jump on your RV with your family, and explore what this region has to offer.

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the dramatic rock canyon and winding river. The bright sunshine and scenic view is its grand characteristics. It would only take you 90 minutes to travel with your RV so why not take short stop here and have your morning snacks while looking at the rock canyon, or do a picnic along the Crooked River.

Smith Rock is also known as a good place for rock climbing.

Hood River County Fruit Loop

The Hood River can be more panoramic and you’ll surely enjoy the cold water after a 35-mile long drive. You will have the feast of your eyes and mouth after making your rounds around the Fruit Loop. Peach, pears, cherries, apricots, plums and varieties of apple, name the fruit you want.

Not only does it hold those luscious fruits, there are also wine yards along the way.

Columbia River George

A place you must see, Columbia River Geaorge is a National Scenic Area that features the second largest river in North America. A mouth hanging 620-foot high Multnomah Falls is also one of the 75 stunning waterfalls of the region.

Have a short walk on the 100 year old Benson Footbridge where you can take shots at the picturesque upper falls. Near the bridge would be the 1925 Multnomah Falls Lodge. The Cascadian beauty will feed your artistic minds of the beauty.

The Columbia River Highway, the first paved road in the Northwestern US, is also the oldest scenic highway the US and the first to be designated a National Historic Landmark.

Mount Hood is not only a place of legend, but it is also the place of international beauties and story. Take your time and visit this with your family. You’ll have the time of your life, riding your RV and spotting scenic spots along the way.

Check out many amazing locations to check out while RVing in Oregon.


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