How to Ventilate Your RV Bathroom Easily and Efficiently

Even the best fan can’t sufficiently ventilate an RV bathroom if fresh air couldn’t get in to replace the exhausted air.

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To help improve airflow in your RV’s bathroom, you can simply cut a hole in the door’s lower part and attach return air grilles to each side. These grilles can be found in the local home improvement store.

To do this, you should first make a smaller exploratory hole for you to know the construction and material of your door as well as the size of the grilles that must be used. You should also ensure that the openings in the door are the exact opposite of each other.

Next, glue some wood spacers around the inside edges of the hole. This will provide reinforcement and back up for the grille screws. The screws should be short enough for them not to touch. To ensure privacy, install grilles with louvers angled downwards.

This open vent will not only ventilate your RV’s bathroom. It will also keep the whole RV fog free, and the heater can also heat the bathroom efficiently as well.


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