GPS Buyers’ Guide for RV’ers

Ever thought about getting your own GPS (Global Positioning System)? Well, this can be challenging especially for starters. There are different brands and great models to choose from. There are always these new great features and functions that are available in the market and you can only pick one. It can be hard and nerve-racking. But you can always have the right one if you know what specific purpose you want this to serve you.

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GPS – What is it?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is basically the navigator tool and precise positioning mechanism built by the Department of Defense around 1973. It was intended to aid the military vehicles like ships and planes, and even soldiers in determining their place.

As the world evolved into a greater phase, the GPS developed into a tool not only to assists the military in combat but also to assist normal people in most of their recreational activities, like hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

This article, to be specific is about choosing the right GPS RV’ers.


A simple question will solve everything. Ask yourself why you want to have this.
An automotive unit of GPS will definitely inform you how you can reach any specific place. This is must-have tool for any RV’ers around so they can track their location and not get lost in the oblivion. Consider the following in choosing the GPS:


Some GPS holds specific maps and roads. Others contain data for the whole United States of America, while some may only load the data of Northern America. It varies usually. Some are programmed to include the whole map of the every countries in the world, which can be really flexible if you are touring around the world.

Memory Capacity

Another good feature to look for is the memory capacity. You may want to expand the data your GPS have but the memory has reached its limit. Buying Secure Digital card (SD card) can do the trick nonetheless. It is affordable and available for most units.

GPS with Speakers

Another good feature you must look for is it has built-in speakers that voice out the directions. This can be pretty handy for those who don’t want to take a glance on their GPS while driving.

Live Traffic Service

Knowing the traffic can aid a lot in your driving. It can save time and less hassle. Having a Live Traffic Service will enable you to take an alternative road if the road you are supposed to take is blocked.

Those are the features you should look for. They come useful especially for RV’ers.

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