Going Green While RVing

What we have right now, we simply borrow from our children. Taking care of our borrowed environment is the best thing that we can do for the next generation. If there is one thing that every RVers appreciate, that would be nature. And what better way to preserve it than by going green and doing conservation in every little way possible. Below are tips that can help one enjoy their RV vacation without causing much hazard to the environment:

o Your RV is not an off-road vehicle as they are built and designed to drive properly paved highways and roads. As much as possible, do not go off-road. If you want to get closer to nature, take a bike instead. Sticking to the highways will help in reserving the natural beauty and view of the place.

o Trash is the last thing that you want to leave behind. Imagine yourself arriving at a camping site filled with the previous camper’s trash. You are out on a vacation and not on a cleaning drive. Be sensitive about this and do your part in helping maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the campsite.

o Conserve water in any way that you can. Using your RV saves a lot of water as compared to any other vacationers on hotels and inns. But why stop there? You can still conserve water by washing the dishes once a day. Just remember to put your dirty dishes in covered storage to stop pests and flies from reaching them.

o As much as possible, camp in an area that is not near any body of water. While lakeside, seaside and riverside camping can offer you a fantastic view, you also get a fantastic chance of ruining that body of water where you camped. The farther your camp sites from a body of water, the lesser the chance of you polluting it intentionally or not.

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