Environment-Friendly RV Camping Tips

To enjoy nature- this is what most RVers have in mind when out camping. However, global warming has a lot of negative effects on the environment and it can affect everything. If you come to truly think about it, what you see right now on your RV trip may not be there for your children’s children to see because of grave threats in our environment brought about by abuse and exploitation of the environment.

Going green on your RV trip is not only congruent with your goal of seeing the environment on your RV trip but it also means you get to save money and the world in your own little way. Below are tips to help one go green while RVing without sacrificing the comforts and fun on your RV vacation.

-In treating waste tanks of your RV, try using useful bacteria instead of chemicals. These chemicals have formaldehyde that can be harmful lot humans and animals. Bacterial additives on the other hand are the most natural method of getting rid of odors that may come out of RV waste tanks. As a matter of fact, the going green trend has been spreading that even campsite ban the chemically treated waste waters to be dropped on their waste dumps. This lessens the risk of having formaldehyde treated water leak in water supplies or camp septic tanks.

-Recycle in any way that you possibly can. You may be the best planner, you may have spent weeks planning your RV vacation, but you still end up having extra waste. In order to avoid having waste fill up your RV, watch out for waste recycling stations that you will pass by along the way. You can also set up a small area in your RV for recyclable materials such as containers, papers and the like.

-To save energy, try using natural ventilation on your RV trip. Instead of turning up the air conditioner, open the windows and let the fresh air in. Instead of turning the heater on, use blankets on a cold night. You will double the energy that you save as you do this. Remember that motel-camping wastes a lot of energy as compared to RV camping and what better way to do it than by cutting back on things which you can live without and finding natural alternatives for things that you can substitute.

-Stick to non-disposable stuff which you can use over and over again. Instead of using paper plates on every meal, use cheap but unbreakable plates that you can reuse every time the need arises. To give it a more personalized touch, you can assign different colors to different family members. This way, one will have to look out for their non-disposable utensils. Using these types of utensils will help you save on extra cost as well as cut back on your trash.

-Drive slowly and enjoy the scenery. What better way to enjoy nature than by taking a good look at everything that it offers. Racing down the road will result to gas wasting.  So the next time when you are out on your RV vacation, slow down, look at the beautiful scenery, the funny signboard, the cute house or the children crossing down the street. You will not only save your gas money but you will also get a chance to save the world in your own RVer way.

Going green on your RV trip is not only sheer fun but a good and green kind of fun. However, accidents may happen on the road and can ruin your eco-friendly RV trip. This is where Good Sam’s Extended Service Plan comes in, to ensure that you get the most out of your RV trip. Should anything happen to the mechanical components of your RV whether on the road or not, you can be sure that Good Sam’s Extended Service Plan is there to cover.

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