Do You Have The Right Insurance Coverage?

Say you decide to buy an airplane, would you use your regular car insurance policy on it? Say you decide to buy a tractor-trailer, would you use your regular car insurance policy on it? Of course not! Same thing can be said about RVs. Using your good old car insurance policy on your RV is not a good idea as they are specialty vehicles that has special needs therefore they require a special coverage when it comes to handling of claims and the like.

However, most RV owners just don’t seem to get this simple logic as studies show that there are still a lot of people who add their recently bought RVs in their car insurance policy. A lot of people are just not aware of the huge difference between coverage and services offered by a regular car insurance company and a specialized RV insurance firm.

But what if something goes with your RV and you find yourself stuck in a useless car insurance policy that can not help you in your current situation. Below are a few instances that show your RV life would be way much better if you choose a specialized RV insurance instead of a regular car insurance.

What if your RV breaks down on the road?

Car insurance policies do offer Roadside Assistance but since your policy is not specifically for RVs, there is a possibility that some things may not be covered. You’re your RV needs towing, so your car insurance will pay for the towing cost of a regular car and not an RV. RV towing cost more than car towing and if you have a care insurance policy covering for your RV that needs towing, you may find yourself paying for extra charges. But if you deal with specialty RV insurers like Good Sam’s which covers accommodation, transportation and the like if the RV breaks down more than 50 miles away from the RV owners home.

What if your RV is stolen?

Your regular car insurance auto policy will be more likely pay for the Actual Cash Value of your RV. The price is to be determined by third party sources and it will be more likely tantamount to its current market price. But if you deal with specialized RV insurers, you will be presented with various choices on how you want this claim to be handled. You can choose to have your RV replaced, settle for an agreed value settlement or deductions if you chose to buy the policy.

What if your RV is involved in a car crash?

If you have a regular car insurance policy covering your RV, chances are they will send as rep to look at your RV after the crash. Specialty RV insurers on the other hand will send a trained rep that knows the ins and outs of RV and they can easily detect any damages as well as work on estimates in regard to the repairs coast and the like.

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