Creating an Environment-Friendly RV Living

Living in an RV was not really known for being an eco-friendly activity. Like any other vehicle, it consumes gas and adds to pollution that may destroy the environment. Nonetheless, RVing is one of the best retirement activities one can enjoy. Not only has it promoted the beauty of the planet but it also makes up for the extra time of people during summer and Christmas vacation.

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On the other hand, there are still ways that RV owners can help the betterment of Mother Earth.

Composting Toilets

Some boats and cabins uses composting toilets. These kind of toilets use small amount of water than those usual toilets and some even use nothing at all. Ideally, these are intended for those who can’t access to sewer or septic tank especially in areas prone to drought. Fortunately, composting toilets are already available for RVs.

These toilet produces no odor. The secret to this is the aerobic decomposition being used by this system. The oxygen facilitates the process , using microbes to work those solids. Meanwhile, 90% of water contained inside evaporates in the venting system. The result, instead of sewage, soil is produced.

Solar Energy

Harnessing the energy of the sun can also be adapted by RV users. Solar kit are available in the market, and they are compatible with RVs because these panels produces DC power, the same power RV uses. Although solar panels may come at a price, considering the saving it can produce at long term run and its help to the environment, these are worth giving a try for.


Using biodiesel is still the friendliest thing an RV user can contribute to the environment. These don’t come cheap in price, but if you are a eco-loving RV owner, then give this a shot.

Live a Simple Life

Living a simple life as it is can save you a lot of fortune and trees. Although RVing can be fun, try to consider doing this on scheduled plan. Bring along your bikes during vacation, and use them when you plan on staying in a camp. That way, it lowers your fuel consumption and gives you a time savouring the traditional way of having fun.

RVers or not, these small activities can help in easing Mother Earth.


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