Different Types of RV for Different Types of People

Different strokes for different folks, this is what most people say about a lot of things in life. One of those many things is RVing as different people have different preferences when it comes to different types of RVs. Considering the number of people who end up getting the wrong type of RV, it is best to carefully analyze and think things through before making a purchase as major as an RV.

RV stands for “recreational vehicle” and it refers to 3 major types of vehicles namely, motor homes, truck campers and travel trailers. The common misconception is that RVs are motor homes and motor homes are RVs. But limiting your definition of an RV as a motor home only is like thinking of biology as the only branch of Science. Knowledge is power and what better way to protect your self against the danger of buying the wrong type of RV than by educating yourself about the different types of RV available.

Motor Homes

These kinds of RVs are generally built with living quarters and have a few smaller divisions more.

There are class “A” motor homes which spell luxury in every essence of the word. These types of motor homes can accommodate up to 6 people with amenities which are guaranteed to make the occupant feel more comfortable than at home. Rock stars, celebrities and other important people usually have this RV as they can afford the price and the luxury that this types of motor homes offer.

The second types of motor homes are class “B” motor homes which are basically built on chassis and are considered to be the smallest in terms of size among the motor home family. Regardless of its size, it can still provide comfort for 4 people preserving the versatility and flexibility of a regular van.

Another type of motor homes are class “C” types which is more like a cross between type “A” and “B”. They are built on chassis but its size is as large as luxury motor homes. It has a very distinguishable feature which is its extra bed just right above the driving compartment.

Travel Trailers

These type of RV are more convenient and practical for people who are always out on the road for long periods of time. They are also known as “towables” because of its general appearance and set up which is a vehicle towing an RV behind.

Fifth Wheels are towables with a gooseneck appearance on the front that extends all over up to the pick ups end. These types of RV can only be towed by a truck as their hitches can be found in he bed’s center. It can accommodate up to 6 people and has a more adequate living space but maintenance and tending of these types of RVs can be quite expensive.

Second types of towables are travel trailers. They are a popular choice among RV enthusiasts because of its functionality. Two things can be pointed out as the reasons behind its popularity: one is that it does not require flatbed trucks and another is that any vehicle with sufficient towing power can actually be used in this type of towables.

Toy haulers are the last types of towables often referred to as sports utility trailers. This RV is perfect for sports fanatics or adventure enthusiasts as it has enough space for RVer’s toys. Whether it’s a motorcycle, a snowmobile or an ATV that you want to bring along, your toy hauler can easily accommodate these things.

Truck Campers

These types of RV are not only convenient but practical as well. It can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably. It can also offer the convenience found in high end RVs. The good thing about these types of RV is the fact that it can easily hook right to the truck’s bed so that traveling can start the soonest time possible.

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