9 Weirdest RV Commercials You Have to See

In this world, it is not just people who are weird but RVs too. Yes, they may be created by weird people who have weird ideas but that does not make them less strange. Below are 9 of the weirdest RV commercials for the 9 weirdest RVs ever made:

The Flying Cloud RV

Apparently, you do not need to die just to get to heaven. With this weirdly named RV, you are sure to be in heaven with its renovated features. You get the best of the past without compromising the comforts of the present with this RV as it may look vintage on the outside but it is real modern on the inside.


Something Missing RV

This RV is weird in all ways. Yes, the gap that you see on the picture is real in this class C motor-home. With this on the picture, you are sure to have no kitchen, no bathroom and the like in this type of weird RV.

The Happy Camper

Who knows that a camper can make people so happy? Apparently this camper is an all in one camper that can store a hammock, a bike, a bed and pretty much everything else in between. Just make sure that you are not the type of person who wants to live in an ultra-wide and very luxurious RV.

The Compact RV

While there are those that would never camp without taking things that can make them feel the comforts of their own homes, it must be noted that there are those who do not mind as long as they have efficient  system to help them get by. Take the case of this RV with no frills and just the basics.

The Superlong RV

While there are those who can live with nothing but the basics, there are those who want everything while out on the road. Take the case of this long RV spotted at Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Washington. Considering how long it is, you are sure to have everything that you would need and more in this RV.

The Sticker Crazy RV

Stickers are okay if you put them in the fridge but too much sticker on an RV makes it weird. While the owner may be sticker-crazy and is overly satisfied with how his current rig looks like, he or she will surely regret it when the time comes to sell the RV arises and the stickers would be one of the reasons behind the low price. But who knows, it might get into the hands of another sticker crazy who would kill to have an RV filled with stickers.

Restored RVs

If restoring vintage RV is weird and this is definitely one heck of a weird RV. People near Sonomo County may want to check out RV models in his RV restoration shop. Entering this place is like stepping in an RV museums. Give the place a visit and who knows, you might find an RV there that you may want to own.

Wooden RV

A woody station wagon may not be entirely weird but it is definitely one of a kind. Think of using this kind of wagon as you travel and camp. The teardrop shape makes it easy and efficient to take along with you in your tow. The exterior embodies  weird rustic charm!

Navette Motorhome

This may look like a bullet train from Japan but this RV is 100% American.  Its water resistant feature and its excellent fuel economy may seem regular though it must be noted that its aerodynamic look makes it a bit strange compared to all other RVs in the market.

Utra-wide RV

Factory made or home made, this wide RV looks real strange on the outside. This is one of the many RVs featured at the Langley Good Times Cruise In Car Show.

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