Ultimate Camp Cooking Cookbook

Going on a camping trip is fun but can get unhealthy at times. Since you need to move from one place to another, there are limited resources available. You resort to eating the same type of food cooked in the same manner (like hotdogs and energy bars). Although having this kind of “outdoor cuisine” seems to be fine for experienced campers, it can be tiring to eat the same food over and over again during the duration of the trip.

Mike Faverman and Pat Mac, stand-up comedians turned campers came up with a solution to this dilemma with the book, Ultimate Camp Cooking Cookbook.

The Ultimate Camp Cooking Cookbook is not your ordinary cookbook because aside from being a culinary manual, it features some of the adventures of Mike and Pat while camping out. There are more than 80 recipes that can be found in the book and most of them can be prepared by having it flame-grilled or using a Dutch oven over a camp fire.

Each recipe has a comprehensive instruction with serving size that makes you produce gourmet quality dishes just outside your RV. The ingredients that are used in the dishes are the basic, familiar ingredients that can be found in a local market or grocery. Who has time to go shopping when you’re camping anyways? This makes the book an essential companion to every camper because it does not only make your stomach full, but also laugh and learn at the stories from Mike and Pat.

The Ultimate Camp Cooking Cookbook also contains tips for food preparation and packing which helps you save time and money. Other articles like dos and don’ts with a bear can also be found inside the book. Its funny finding something like this in a cook book but that just makes the book more awesome. Another good thing about the book is its design; it is portable and durable enough to endure the toughness of outdoor cooking. The texts are easily readable and the images give you an idea of how the meal should be prepared.

Everybody who loves camping will love this book. This out of the box idea from two tested campers proves to be an efficient buddy for those who love the great outdoors. Enjoying nature should not deprive you from indulging delicious food that you think only a restaurant can offer. The Ultimate Camp Cooking Cookbook will help you get the most out of your camping experience by giving you excellent culinary ideas while on the go.

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