Folks new to the RV life might think that the best parks are only located where the snowbirds flock: Arizona, Florida, and other states with year-round sunshine. But that’s not true at all! Every state in the Union will have at least one RV park worth stopping over at.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some differences. In the East, you’re more likely to be pointed towards an RV campground, while in the West you’re more likely to be going to an RV resort. The campgrounds will be more roughing it, while the resorts will be, well, like resorts!

Some of this is just because of the nature of the folks there; in the West people are more likely to stay for a while while in the East folks tend to be vacationers. Of course, you’ll also find a little of both elsewhere, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. But in general, that’s what you should expect.

Our favorite list of RV camps and parks can be found below. See if you can stay in all of them!

Endless Caverns RV Resort — The Perfect Escape

At the foot of the majestic and breathtaking Massanutten Mountain Range in New Market Virginia rests the beautiful Endless Caverns RV Resort. This RV resort is located close to Route 11, and offers ea…

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Exeter Elms Campgrounds – A Little Something for Everyone

If you’re a big fan of water sports, you’ll definitely love Exeter Elms Campground. Located in Exeter, New Hampshire, just a 15-minute drive from Hampton Beach, this RV camping facility is perfect…

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9 Weirdest RV Commercials You Have to See

In this world, it is not just people who are weird but RVs too. Yes, they may be created by weird people who have weird ideas but that does not make them less strange. Below are 9 of the weirdest RV c…

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Fireside Resort

  Fireside Resort Phone: 260-925-6747 Adreess: 5612 CR 11A Auburn, IN 46706 E-Mail: Located in Auburn Indiana, Fireside Resort is just12 minutes away from Fort Wayne. Th…

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Man Escapes RV Fire

Narciso Mandujan was in deep sleep when his RV burst into flames. Luckily, he was able to escape with minor injuries but is in dire need of help as he lost everything in that fire accident. Hidalgo Co…

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Grassy Key RV Park and Resort

Grassy Key RV Park and Resort 58671 Overseas Highway–MM 58.7 Marathon, Florida 33050 Located in the heart of Florida Keys, this RV park can serve as a great base for…

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World’s Most Expensive RV

Quality comes with price, this is a widely known and acknowledged fact. People from all over the world, regardless of the standard and the industry know that expensive things means the best things. Ta…

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Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort

Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort 1957 Allison Avenue Panama City Beach, Florida 32407 Phone: 1-800 BEACHRV, 1-800-232-2478 Considered as a big rig headquarters in the Emerald Coast, this park is a favori…

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Lake Rudolph Campground

  Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort Address: Santa Claus, Indiana Phone: (812) 937-4458, 1-877-478-3657 Located in Santa Claus Michigan, Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort, this place offe…

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Royal Coast RV Resort

  Royal Coast RV Resort Address: 1070 Laurel Road Nokomis, Florida  34275 Phone: 1-877-570-2267 Located in Nokomis Florida. Royal Coachman RV Resort is one of the best RV resorts in the US. It o…

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