World’s Most Expensive RV

Quality comes with price, this is a widely known and acknowledged fact. People from all over the world, regardless of the standard and the industry know that expensive things means the best things. Take the case of expensive RVs, while it may be said that all RVs are expensive it must be noted that there are those which stand out among the rest. These expensive RVs are considered to be the cream of the crop in the world of RVs. Below is a list of RVs that effectively mixes luxury and functionality:

1. First on the list is Marchi Mobile’s eleMMent. This Austrian company designed a highly modern RV that looks like a space ship. This exterior of the RV may be a plus point for some, it can also put off others as for some people, the eleMMent looks real ugly. Designer of this RV, Luigi Colani says the eleMMent is a better version of his aerodynamic Supertruck. The round front of the RV organically mixes with its square body. The inside of this RV is basically as modern and classy as its outside look.

2. Next on the list is the Vantare Platinum Plus. This rolling mansion costs $2.5 million. It has a sleek exterior and a very lavish interior. Matter of fact, it even features Swarovski Crystals on its ceiling. Marble, crystals and pretty much everything else classy and flashy. Underneath it is a compartment for small cars making tow possible without the need to show it. It has an Avic N-2 global positioning system with real-time traffic and weather alerts thus you will never be lost or stuck in traffic with this RV.

3. Third on the list is Country Coach’s Prevost RV. This luxury RV can be yours at $1 million. This is the same bus that rock stars, celebrities and NASCAR travel around with. It has a lot of space, it can hold a party of up to 10 people inside. It has a kitchen suitable for cooking in a restaurant, its leg room is wide enough, its bedrooms have designs and features similar to hotels You get to have a house, a hotel and an RV with this luxury vehicle if and only if you have $1 million.

4. Unicat Amerigo is also one of the most expensive RVs in the world. This RV is perfect for those who love off roading. Physically, it looks like an armoured truck. On the inside, it is filled with luxurious features that you will never expect if you base your judgement on the outside. It has a full kitchen, a couple of leg rooms and so on. Everything that a hardcore hiker would need is all here. Considering that it is an off-road on road RV, this is a perfect vehicle for those who love the outdoors but would like to stay in as the feeling of leaving home will never surface with the features that you ill get out of Unicat Amerigo.

In the world of RVs, you definitely get what you pay for. If you have millions to spend, then these RV are surely the best way to experience home away from home without feeling the need to go back home as theses RVs are so much better than home unless of course you have a million dollar home to go back to. With features like a garage, a home theatre, a leg room, a full kitchen and the like, you will surely get a chance to explore travel and feel like a king with these 4 expensive RVs.

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