Working on the Road

Touring the country in an RV is a common pastime for many retirees. Interestingly enough, it is quickly becoming a common pastime for many full time employees taking advantage of their ability to telecommute.

In order to achieve this nomadic lifestyle, the type of work being done must be flexible. Many of the occupations that allow telecommuting are in technical fields. These include jobs like computer programming or systems support. Others jobs fall into more creative areas like graphic design or freelance writing. Since most campgrounds now offer free WiFi the idea of working from an RV has grown in popularity. For those at locations where WiFi is not offered, the mobile camping workforce turns to network air cards or satellite dishes to remain connected.

The benefits of working on the road include the option of changing the view outside your office on a daily basis. The commute of course, can’t be beat. Some families are doing this while homeschooling their kids in order to spend as much time together as possible. Those traveling with families find that they can incorporate their travels into the children’s daily lessons. The logistics can be difficult for anyone who needs to be able to physically ship or receive items, but with planning, this can be resolved. It is also important for anyone who telecommutes to be highly disciplined. It is important to set up an office space that allows for comfort that is free from distraction.

The simplicity of living on the road is very attractive to many people. Removing clutter and other distractions is also conducive to a peaceful work environment for the right employee. Many companies have telecommuting policies in place to accommodate a more flexible lifestyle for their employees. Freelancers have even more control over their options. For the right employee in a well equipped RV, the office has never looked better.

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