Women Drivers

Studies show that most RV drivers are men, but there are plenty of reasons that women should learn to drive an RV as well. Seminars like Women on Wheels address this issue. While many women are satisfied to sit back and let their spouse drive, there are a number of instances where it might be important or even critical for the woman to drive.

The Women on Wheels seminar includes time for each attendee behind the wheel of an RV with an experienced female driver along for guidance. There are important tips for any driver, male or female to keep in mind:

Properly adjust mirrors. In the upper right mirror you should be able to see the pillar for the awning for the coach of the RV, but you should not be able to see the entire coach. The lower right mirror should show the road. The left upper mirror should show the top rear clearance light when the driver’s head is cocked. The lower left mirror should show the road.

Sit in the proper position. Shins should comfortably touch the dashboard.

Turning takes practice. Don’t begin turning the wheel until you are at the point of needing to make the turn. Watch for oncoming traffic. The seminar recommends practicing for an hour each day when first learning.

Truckers are your friends. Learn to use hand signals like truckers when navigating around other large vehicles.

Air pockets can form between two large vehicles. The resulting suction effect can be scary. Stay alert and be prepared!

Windy conditions are dangerous. If you feel yourself losing control, slow down and pull over if necessary.

These are just some of the important topics covered in the seminar, providing women with the newfound confidence necessary to share in the driving duties.

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