Wired at the Campground

Many RV owners are finding that they don’t necessarily want to get away from it all. More and more RV enthusiasts are bringing their mobile electronic devices along for the ride. While it is nice to travel off the beaten path, many find it important to stay in touch with friends and family along the way. Technology gives campers the ability to have the best of both worlds: staying connected while venturing off into the unknown.

A 2010 survey estimated that about 72 percent of private campgrounds offer wireless service to their patrons. The requests for WiFi capable campsites have grown steadily over the last few years. There are multiple reasons for that trend.

For the fulltime RVer, it is important to be able to accomplish important day to day tasks. Whether paying bills, reserving a spot at the next campground along the road or just checking in with the grandkids, what was once a convenience is quickly becoming the norm.

Those who do not have the luxury of living in their RV fulltime are also finding the wired side of camping to be beneficial. In today’s workforce, it is becoming more common for companies to allow their employees to work from home via a remote connection. This means that some folks are able to take off for their favorite campsite while still meeting their work obligations. Instead of postponing a trip due to a busy time at work, many can head out and work in a more relaxing setting.

With all the technology available, one might worry that the electronics would detract from the camping experience. Instead most find that it offers a connection to those back home without diminishing the face to face connections made over the campfire or on the hiking trails.

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