Wintering in the Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley is home to a number of RV and mobile home parks. Each winter they anticipate snowbirds heading to their area to spend the winter. For some, it is their busiest season and so far indications point to another good winter season.

South Padre Island reports a 10 percent increase in inquiries about the area. The Convention & Visitors Bureau has received approximately 5000 to 6000 calls per month since July. Most of the calls come from RVers in the Midwest or the northern most states.

Another indicator of the season’s success is the number of returning guests who take advantage of special discounts. Many parks offer such discounts for certain months, or for guests who reserve far in advance. Parks discounts vary from year to year, but guests who enjoy their stay one year should always inquire about discounts for the next year.

The influx of guests generally begins on October 1st and grows as the season progresses. Many guests opt to stay for six months before returning home. Park owners are finding that some returning guests eventually make the area their home base, staying the majority of their time in Texas with only occasional visits to their home states. With respect to their guests who are staying longer, many of the parks have now started offering options like patios and storage buildings to accommodate their longer term guests.

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