West Virginia Parks Cleaning Up after Storm

Parks in West Virginia seem to have fared okay following Hurricane Sandy. There was some damage including down trees and some power lines snapped, but in general it is thought that there will be minimal loss of revenue due to the storm.

The arrival of the storm hit during a traditionally slow time for most of the campgrounds in the state. Generally the parks experience a surge of visitors for viewing of the fall foliage. The peak time for viewing the leaves was about a week prior to the arrival of the storm. Most parks did not have many cabins or campsites rented which has a twofold benefit. There will be few if any cancellations and the empty cabins can be used by power crews that are working in the area and need housing.

While there is the task of clearing trees from both roadways and trails, the damage is no where near what the parks saw during the windstorm that struck during the end of June. In that storm alone, it was estimated that the damage cost the state system $500,000 in income. The revenue loss from Hurricane Sandy is not yet calculated, but it is expected to be minimal.

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