Titusville Discusses RV Storage Rules

After weeks of deliberation, Titusville city employees are now opting for less stringent storage regulations for recreation vehicles. This follows weeks of debate where the officials considered tightening the rules surrounding RV parking.


This whole discussion started out when a local resident requested stricter rules with regard to such vehicles. The main concern here was that lenient parking rules might bring down home values.

Subsequently, city officials researched further about the matter in order to find out whether the current code required any major overhauls.

Thus, they reviewed the current RV parking conditions and, at a city hall meeting, they also gathered the opinion of local residents about this matter.

Based on these findings, officials are now pushing for leniency with existing rules which in turn might provide a bit more leeway for RV owners.

“We haven’t really had any complaints on RVs that we couldn’t handle with our current code. Public comment was very, very important to find whether any changes should be made at all.” said said Courtney Barker, the city’s head of planning.

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