Tips for RVing with Your Dog

There are important tips that travelers must remember when RVing with a dog or other pet.

Climate control is important. If you leave your pet in the RV while the vehicle is parked, cooling / heating systems must be effective. Make sure you that all systems are functional including any generators used. In addition, consider an alarm system that alerts you if the temperature in the rig falls outside of a safe range. There are models available that will dial a specific cell phone number or a two-way radio to let you know that the temperature has reached a dangerous level.

Consider a portable exercise pen. In most parks you cannot leave a dog off leash, even in your campsite. If you’d like to offer your dog the option of roaming without being tethered, consider a portable exercise pen. They are available in a variety of heights and generally are constructed of various panels, allowing you to add additional panels for more space.

Identify your dog. Before traveling, consider having your dog microchipped for tracking purposes. In addition, make sure your dog has a tag or plate on its collar with current contact information.

Make your pet safe on the road. If you typically crate your dog while driving, be sure the crate is secured so that it cannot move if there is a sudden stop or impact. For small dogs, consider a doggie car seat. Larger dogs can use a harness system that connects directly the existing seat belts.

Following these key tips can go a long way towards keeping your pet safe while traveling.

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