Tips for RV Travel with a Dog

Making an RV trip comfortable for a family dog is an important hurdle for many families to overcome. There are a few tips that can help make that hurdle a little easier to leap.

Make frequent stops. Plan for this before leaving so that you are not stressed about your schedule. Allowing your dog to get out and burn off some energy every few hours will make your pet’s trip much more enjoyable. Most rest areas are very accommodating for pets.

Bring along some of your dog’s favorite toys. Keeping familiar items close at hand will help your pet adjust to the traveling.

Bring along a comfortable dog bed for your pet. This can help in keeping your dog off the rest of the furniture in your rig. It also brings an additional level of comfort and familiarity to your dog.

Check the pet policies at any RV park before making a reservation. Choose a park that has an area either within the park or nearby where your dog can run around a bit. Most parks have leash laws which are important for keeping your pet safe, but it is nice if there is an area nearby where your dog can run. Look for RV parks that prohibit aggressive breeds of dogs. Many parks have such policies which can prove to be an important factor in your dog’s safety.

Most RV owners choose to crate their dog while actually driving. This is the safest option for your pet. Others, however, choose to allow their dog to run freely through the rig or keep it gated in a specific area. This introduces some risk to your pet, but some owners opt for this risk in order to allow their pet to feel more comfortable. This is a personal decision for each RV / pet owner.

Taking the time to make your pet feel more comfortable will result in much more enjoyable trips for all your family members, whether two legged or four legged.

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