RV Travel Tips

Tips for Experienced and New RVers

There are some travel tips that are applicable to both the seasoned and the new RV enthusiast. Whether you’re a full time RVer, a weekend trip taker, taking your first trip or your fiftieth trip they are good to know.

Regardless of how long you’ve been taking RV trips, be sure to map out your route. With a travel plan, you’ll be able to determine in advance specific points of interest to visit along the way. You can also visit your auto club or contact tourism boards in the areas you’ll visit to get as much information as possible before embarking on your trip. Take the time to enter your route in your GPS if you have one.

Have a checklist to walk through before you leave on your trip. This should include all the basics that you typically take when traveling. Have a second checklist of specific tasks to be performed once you arrive at destination including connections, leveling and other campground necessities. Have one more checklist for when you’re leaving a campsite to make sure you’re set to hit the road again!

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit. Besides basic supplies like bandages and insect repellant, be sure to include contact information for family members back home as well as doctors and your insurance agent.

Even the most experienced RVer can encounter a situation that stumps them while traveling. Your best resource is your fellow RV enthusiasts. They’re typically quick to offer advice, insight into great camping areas and aren’t shy about sharing their best tips for making every trip a success.

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