Timely Oil Changes

Timely Oil Changes

Following the recommended maintenance for any vehicle is an important step to keeping an engine running well. Some drivers, however, have questions when it comes to following the instructions exactly.

A diesel motor home, for example, might come with the recommendation to change the oil every six months or every 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. If the rig is only used for shorter trips, some owners might consider waiting for the 5,000 miles for the change, even if this would come well after the six month mark. While this seems to be a reasonable choice for a rig that is not driven regularly, there are other factors to consider.

If your engine is under warranty, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter. This means changing the oil on a rig, even if the number of miles driven is small. Be sure to keep receipts for every type of maintenance performed. This serves to protect your warranty in the event of any troubles during the warranty period.

Once you have passed the warranty period for your engine your maintenance choices are still important, but you may opt to consider some different factors. To help you make the best choices, determine how the engine is used. For example, you might need to have oil changes more frequently if your rig is driven in dusty conditions or idles frequently in traffic. One safe option is to have your oil tested. If you are unsure whether it really needs a change, have your mechanic analyze it to see if it is ‘dirty’. Even a rig that just sits for half the year might develop sludge.

Simple efforts to maintain an engine with routine maintenance can truly prolong the life of the engine. Be sure to thoroughly understand the recommended schedule for your particular rig.

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