The RV Cooking Show

A full season of the RV Cooking Show is scheduled to air on the Auto Channel. It will be broadcast both over the air and via cable. At this time, the Auto Channel can be found in the South Florida market, but it will soon expand to California, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Massachusetts.

The show is scheduled to air on Sundays at 3pm and then again on Wednesdays at 4:40pm. The format of the show includes following the hostess, Evanne Schmarder as she travels to various RV destinations and recreates dishes that can be associated with her travel destination. The show will cover both popular RV destinations and some a bit more off the beaten path. All of the recipes showcased are prepared in an RV kitchen, so they can be prepared either on the road or at home.

Many people are familiar with the Auto Channel website, Teaming up with TACH-TV network, the show will appeal to a broad audience including fulltime RV enthusiasts as well as weekend travelers. By showcasing both destinations and recipes, it addresses not just travel points, but the lifestyle aspect of RVs as well.

The show is will be available for viewing both on the TACH-TV stations and the Auto Channel’s website.

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