The Personal Liability in RV Insurance

You cannot approach your RV insurance policy the same way you approach your car insurance policy. While both vehicles are used to travel distance, the specialty of the RV makes it much different than any car insurance policy you are used to. One of the biggest differences in the policy has to do with personal liability.

Liability in Car Insurance

You’ve heard of liability car insurance. Its a pretty common policy used for old clunkers that you wouldn’t want repaired if you were in an accident in which you were at fault. You’d likely just pay the deductible for the cost of someone else’s repair and drive your car as is. While liability insurance is possible in some way, shape, or form on your RV, its not at all the same as personal liability.


Personal liability has to do with what happens in or around your RV when you are parked, or camped out. If you’re at a campsite and someone near your RV trips over a part of the RV and is injured, that puts you at fault. Maybe you didn’t do anything, but that’s not the way personal liability works. If you don’t have personal liability insurance, you could end up with huge financial costs if someone gets hurt by your RV.

Don’t Forget It

Most insurance companies have it standard on the policy, but in many cases the limits are negotiable. How much you want to put on the policy limits is completely your call, but it matters quite a bit when it comes to how much your insurance will cover in the event of a serious injury. You have to weigh the cost savings versus the risk. That is a decision only you can make, but a good rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution.

Personal liability is hugely important to the overall well-being of your RV insurance policy. Don’t skimp on this area of your RV insurance. Its too important to take lightly.


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