The New iQ 2.0

The New iQ2.0

Banks iQ 2.0 is a multi-purpose device that allows the user to track multiple statistics for your vehicle. It delivers the readouts to a convenient display that can be customized based on what you’re trying to track. The device can track engine diagnostics, fuel economy and performance. It also offers GPS navigation, a rearview camera, Bluetooth and digital entertainment.

After the initial release, Banks decided to offer additional applications, bringing even more to the consumer. The new iQ can function on any truck engine that has OBDII capability, whether the vehicle is gas or diesel.

With the built in flexibility of the system, consumers can tailor the functions to their particular needs. For example, when towing a trailer, one might choose to track oil temperature, boost and fuel pressure. Once the fifth wheel trailer is parked, the consumer might then choose to monitor fuel economy or other performance related functions. Using the optional Automind Flash programming feature, these and many other choices are presented to the consumer. Other handy features include options like correcting speedometer readings for oversized tires.

More functions are planned for later this year including readouts for additional temperature data and water/methanol injection.

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