The Need for RV Insurance

It’s a dream of many to own an RV. If you’re going to experience the open road, there’s no better way to do it than from a fully functional RV. You can save plenty of money on food and lodging by bringing a virtual home on the road. Of course, with any luxury item, like an RV, you need to have the proper insurance. Here are some tips for buying proper RV insurance before going on your next vacation.

1. Get Roadside Assistance

Step one is to get roadside assistance. This can’t be stressed enough. While RV’s are some of the more durable vehicles you can purchase, they are also difficult to tow and repair for the average person. Getting roadside assistance will aid greatly in your ability to handle anything that comes up. Your insurance policy is incomplete if it doesn’t have roadside assistance.

2. Make Sure Your Policy Is Specially Tailored to RV Insurance

You’ll want someone with a full understanding of RV’s to be handling any and all claim information. If your RV is damaged for any reason, you want the adjuster to understand fully how much a repair will cost. Someone who spends the day on insurance claims for the average car may give out less than you need. Once the claim is signed, it’s done, and you’re left footing the bill for the remainder of the repairs.

3. Have Vacation Liability Insurance

You’ll also want vacation liability insurance. When an RV is parked, the owner is responsible for any and all accidents that occur around that area. Think of it like a home: if someone falls in your home you, may be responsible for the cost of the medical bills (unless your home policy dictates otherwise). The same can be said of your RV. Getting a specialized policy will ensure that no matter what happens around your RV when it’s parked, you won’t be a responsible for the complete cost of the damages.

RV insurance isn’t a luxury item. Your risks increase without it, and you run the risk of ruining your dream vacation as well as your savings. Be smart and get insurance to protect yourself and get full enjoyment from your RV.

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