The Importance of Exercising on the Go

The Importance of Exercising on the Go

Time spent on the road can make it difficult to adhere to a regular exercise routine. Research has shown that people who sit for more than 23 hours in one week are at a higher risk for heart attack. Depending on your destination, traveling in an RV can result in an abundance of sitting. There are some measures you can take to counteract this lack of mobility.

There are a number of exercised that can be done while sitting. Knee extensions, knee ups, chest flies, chair crunches and triceps curls can all be done in a sitting position. When stopping for gas, or at rest stops, be sure to get up and move around. Do wall pushups or regular pushups. Take time to stretch out doing calf raises on one of the steps leading out of your RV. Get out and walk around the rest area, getting up to a brisk pace when possible. As always, do not begin a new exercise routine without consulting your physician. In fact, your physician may be able to recommend additional exercises that you can do ‘on the go’.

Combine a sensible routine of exercise along with a good diet to help stay as healthy as possible on the road. The luxury of traveling with your own kitchen means that you can stock your RV with healthy foods, rather than relying on fast foods during your travels.

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