The Grand Canyon Celebrates a Birthday

The Grand Canyon Celebrates a Birthday

The Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its 94th birthday on February 26th. Back in 1919, it received its national park designation following the signing of “An Act to Establish the Grand Canyon National Park in the State of Arizona” into a law.

The area that is now the park was appreciated for its beauty long before the official designation. Efforts to protect the canyon started as early as the 1880s. The park was recognized as a national forest reserve by President Benjamin Harrison in the 1890s. Later, President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon a national game preserve, then later established it as the Grand Canyon National Monument.

The park will celebrate with a small ceremony at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center on the south rim of the canyon at 11am. Birthday cake will be served after the ceremony and also will be served at the Verkamp’s Visitor Center in Grand Canyon Village. Guests can participate in contest to test their knowledge of the Canyon and its history.

Those looking to learn more about the Grand Canyon should visit its website at .

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