The Five Most Expensive RVs

The Vantare Platinum Plus

Some people like to take their RV out for a weekend.  Some people like to rough it a little as a full-timer.  Some people want a comfortable if cozy home.

And some folks just want to put their mansions on wheels.  That’s what you get with the $2.5 million Vantre Platinum Plus.  And what do you get for $2.5 million?




A 235-gallon gas tank that costs a thousand dollars to fill up, custom sculptures on the ceiling with Swarovski crystals, marble steps up to the cabin, and just about every other luxury you can imagine.  Friends, this is pretty much Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Fulltimers.  Definitely an RV for one of the fancier resorts.

Oh, and for those days when you don’t want to take it all with you, a sports car tucked conveniently underneath.  You know, because even the tow vehicle has to be ostentatious!


Unicat Amerigo series

Some people love the open road, and some folks love off-roading, but they don‘t like ATVs.  Or maybe they just don’t like getting bogged down in the mud.  So if you’ve got half a million dollars you’ve just got to spend, take a gander at the Unicat Amerigo, the off-road RV.


This RV is pretty much the ultimate in camping and touring the great outdoors.  It’s designed to take pretty much anything you can throw at it: logging roads, sand dunes, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could take it for a spin on a minefield.



Sure, they may not look like the most comfortable ride.  But look at it this way.  How much would it be worth to be able to pull around traffic….no matter where you are?  Certainly brings a new meaning to camping!

Country Coach Prevost RV

Maybe you’re not quite feeling the off-roading or the Swarovski, but you still want a luxury experience.  Maybe something that a rock star gets to experience traveling around the country.  Don’t worry, if you’re willing to cut back to just the essentials, just the absolute basics, you can get a Country Coach Prevost RV for, oh, about a million dollars or so.


Sure, it’s not that $2.5 million RV.  You sure will be roughing it with space for only ten people.  You’ll have to make hard choices between how much dining room you want versus how much kitchen you want.  But these are the choices you have to make.


You might be wondering about the permits: well, these happen to be converted buses, friends.  So, if you think you can bear such a step down the social ladder, climb aboard.

Victorinox Airstream

You’d think travel trailers, being a little more modest than the motor home, wouldn’t be shoo-ins on a list like this, and normally, you’d be right.  But some people just have to make everything a collector’s item.


That’s why Victorinox, the Swiss Army folks, got together with the good people at Thor Industries to create a custom Airstream trailer , of which only 125 will be available.  And those 125 people will really love Swiss Army knives, because everything in this camper right down the clocks has that Victorinox logo on it.  They should really pay people to ride in it, it’s a rolling advertisement!



Airstream is rather tight-lipped about what it’ll all cost and what the optional amenities will be, but we know one thing.  If there’s somebody in your life who has everything and loves Swiss Army knives, you might finally have the perfect gift.

2008 Airstream Classic Limited Edition

Of course, Airstream just loves limited editions, and as this one goes, it’s a real doozy.  Take a look at this fancy pop-out travel trailer.  We’ve seen Winnebagoes with a lot less space and comforts!


Sure, it’s a little more modest than some of its friends on the list, but you find us a trailer with a bay window, a skylight, a motorized pop-out, and with all the wiring for any gizmo you could possibly want set up before it even rolls off the assembly line.  About the only thing that surprises us is the shower being outdoors!


Luckily, it also happens to be a high-quality product, even if the cost is an eye-popping $90,000.  Sure, it’s not some of the motor homes on this list.  Then again, they all come with a motor, too.

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