The Basics in RV Fans

Attempting to keep an RV cool can be a struggle in the summer months. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may rely on one or more fans to help circulate the air. There are various models of fans to choose from, with some working more effectively than others.

If you do not have power available, it is important to have fans that do not create a drain on your battery. Using a combination of a low-battery-draw fan and some well placed open windows you’ll be able to keep the temperature inside your RV at a comfortable level.

Some fans are designed simply to move air, while others are more sophisticated offering additional features. Certain models include extras like rain sensors that will cause the unit to turn off and close down when rain is detected.

When shopping for fans, know that they all follow the same basic schematic, designed to fit into a standard 14 inch space. Fans are usually installed in the bathroom, the galley and the main living area.

Choosing the correct fan or fans depends not only on the size of your vehicle, but also on other factors. Your needs may be different depending on where you travel and whether you live in your RV full time.

Atwood, Heng’s Industries and MaxxAir Vent Corporation are three of the most recognizable suppliers in the RV fan market. Each offer a variety of models, from the high end units including features like rain sensors, thermostats and remote controls to more economically priced units with manual lifting knobs. Models are available at price points to suit most budgets.

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