The Art of Boondocking

The Art of Boondocking

Is motor home boondocking for you? Boondocking is the practice of heading out into the wilderness and camping with no civilization nearby. Most who practice the art of boondocking intend to have no discernable neighbors for miles. The practice is gaining in popularity, so much so that some areas are now specifically designated for the activity.

It is important to make sure that you’re settling in an area that allows this type of camping. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has designated areas where the activity is allowed. There are many national parks were boondocking is permitted. Most have the limitation of allowing visitors to stay for a maximum of two weeks in one spot. It is even possible to find designated boondocking campgrounds. Because the facilities are extremely limited or non-existent in these areas, camping rates are very cheap. Many require a small fee of only a few dollars per night. Some even offer permits good for as much as six months.

The benefits of boondocking include quieter areas, limited or no traffic and limited or no neighbors. You’ll get to experience areas that are rarely seen by the casual tourist. Consider trying the desert southwest in areas like Arizona and southern California for a good selection of areas that allow boondocking.

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