Teaching Your Pet Boundaries in Your RV

RV Boundaries

Training your dog to understand boundaries within your RV can be an important part of making sure that traveling with your pet is a seamless event. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a training collar and a tab. A tab is a short, 1 foot leash.

The basic premise is to set a zone where you do not want the dog to enter. This might be a sofa area, or any other area that you do not want the dog to step. Put something in the “hot” zone to tempt your pet. When the dog steps in that area, tug on the leash and strongly say “no”. Pull your dog back to the “safe” zone if the dog steps the whole way in the hot zone. You’ll need to be very consistent with your training. Repeat the process over and over until your pet understands the forbidden area. When you see your dog avoiding the area, you’ll know that the concept is sticking. This is the time to provide your pet with a lot of praise. The positive behavior (avoiding the hot zone) must be noticed and praised. Continue your work by using different temptations placed in the hot zone.

If you are continuously consistent with your response to the behavior, you’ll see a lasting change in your pet. This can make your travel experience much more enjoyable for all involved.

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