Successful Tailgating


When planning a great tailgating experience, there are some planning moves that will help you avoid any tailgating disasters.

Your menu should include tailgating friendly items. While this may seem obvious, some folks aim a bit too high, thinking that they should be serving steaks when burgers are easier and just as satisfying. To spruce up a generic burger, bring a broad selection of toppings like avocado, jalapeno and fried onions. This can add a special touch to a traditional dish. Don’t forget the chips and dip. Be sure to choose chips that can hold up to your dip. Look for options like Cape Cod’s Kettle Cooked Waffle Cut Chips.

Make sure your equipment is prepared for the big day. A portable grill that uses propane is much more reliable than a charcoal grill. All of your equipment from the chairs to your cooler should be sturdy and portable to make setting up and breaking down as simple as possible.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast for the big day. A collapsible canopy can work wonders in the heat or the rain. Invest in a portable propane heater for cold days. Bring lots of blankets for your guests for the coldest of days.

Pick your location carefully. It’s a great idea to be close to the stadium entrance gates so you can get into the game quickly. Get there early and let your guests know where you’re planning to set up so that they won’t have any issues finding you. Most tailgaters set up at least three hours before game time, with some arriving as much as five hours early.

Plan well, pack up and enjoy the football season!

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