Success as a First Time RV Driver

Success as a First Time RV Driver

First time RV drivers likely have many questions about handling such a large vehicle. An RV is larger and longer than any car, but can be easy to handle once a driver finds their comfort zone. Begin by reading through the owner’s manual to be fully versed in all areas of the vehicle.

One area that many RV owners neglect is the actual loading of the RV. Proper loading of the vehicle can literally make the RV easier to drive. If weight is not distributed well it can impede braking and make steering more difficult. Heavier items should be packed low. Try to keep heavier items forward and centered. Always make sure that all cargo is secure to prevent unwanted shifting during travel.

Once you are on the road, be sure to check oil, transmission fluid, radiator water and tire pressure frequently. Traveling in extreme temperatures can impact your tire pressure and that can impact your steering capabilities.

Make a packing list and consider dividing it by compartments. Before you leave for a trip and before you leave a camping site to move to the next, check your list to make sure all items are accounted for.

New drivers are soon experienced drivers, but experienced drivers still need to remember the basics. Setting good habits from the beginning will lead you to a great long term relationship with your RV and the road.

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