Spot Satellite GPS Messenger

The Spot Satellite GPS Messenger is a great product for RV enthusiasts or any traveler who heads to areas where cell phone reception is limited. The convenient pocket sized unit allows you to send email or text messages even when cell phone receptions is not available. It also allows you to call for help in case of an emergency.

Many RV travelers use the device to ensure they can be in contact with loved ones throughout their trip. It is also popular among hikers, skiers and mountain bikers – anyone who occasionally heads off the beaten path.

The device works virtually any place where you can have a clear view of the sky. In addition to its ability to connect with loved ones from remote sites, it also offers a tracking mode. This allows you to automatically relay your location information in a way that it can be tracked on Google Maps. This allows your friends and family to keep tabs on you during your travels.

The Spot Satellite GPS Messenger retails for $120. The basic Spot service costs $100 per year. You can add the tracking feature for an additional $50 per year. The unit offers a relatively low price point for the peace of mind that it provides to both travelers and their families back home.

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