South Carolina Parks Want to Stand on Their Own

The goal of the South Carolina state parks is a noble one. Their aim is for the parks to be self-sustaining in the next 18 months. Following a record $21 million year of revenue, they are well on their way. It is hoped that they will meet their goal by the end of 2013-2014.

South Carolina is home to 47 parks that cover 80,000 acres. Charleston was recently voted the top tourist town in the world by the readers of Conde Naste Traveler Magazine. In order to keep visitors coming to the parks, various events are being planned to attract the public. The July 4th fireworks at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site in Charleston was one such event. In addition to the extra events, the parks are raising their rates for cabins and campgrounds to put them more in line with what private facilities are charging. An additional revenue generating project is the development of a guidebook for the parks. The BMW and Fuji companies are underwriting the guidebook project, as they both have major manufacturing plants within South Carolina. With unique offerings at competitive prices, the parks are confident about meeting their goal. It currently costs approximately $24 million per year to operate the state’s parks.

Presently the only state park systems that are self sufficient are New Hampshire and Vermont. They each have ski resorts to help generate revenue. South Caroline hopes to join their ranks soon.

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