Some RV Businesses Thriving Despite Economy

In the current economy it is odd to find a business that is not only thriving, but expanding. The key seems to be adapting with the times and anticipating a customer’s needs. The Country Roads RV Center in North Carolina has succeeded in both thriving and growing.

Country Roads RV Center opened in 2007 as an offshoot of the family’s automotive business. RV sales had slowly overtaken car sales in the business so it seemed to be the natural progression. The owner, Jeff Zimmerman was told early on that at least half of his business would be service related. At the beginning, he did not believe this statistic, but has found that it has proven true over time. At the present time, the RV Center includes a 10 bay service facility. The RV Center is the only business in their county to carry a full line of retail parts and is also the only service facility.

Zimmerman found that the way to adapt was to realize that families would still be purchasing RVs but would not have as much money to spend. Vacations are still happening, but everything is more modest than prior to the economy’s downfall. The Country Roads RV Center is now the third largest RV dealership in the state.

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