Snowy Range Scenic Byway

The Centennial, Wyoming visitor center along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway is newly renovated as part of a $2.8 million project that involved improvements all along the byway. Benefiting from a grant from the Wyoming Department of Transportation the byway, which is open typically from May through October or mid-November, is a popular path through one of Wyoming’s most scenic mountain ranges.

The previous visitor’s center was a trailer. Now it is an 1,100 square foot modern building with plenty of room to meet the needs of many visitors. The improved visitor’s center is scheduled to open this winter. The center will offer permits, maps, books and souvenirs. There are also plans to use a portion of the building as an education center. In addition to the services offered during its normal busy season, the center will also be open during a portion of the winter in order to offer Christmas tree permits for families heading up to the mountains to chop down a tree.

Visitors exploring the byway can expect the minimum of a one hour drive to explore its entire expanse. Driving along roads where grades do not exceed 6.5%, there are a number of scenic spots along the way. Travelers who are familiar with the area will appreciate the improvements to Sand Lake Road. Taking the road into the North Fork Campground used to involve driving along a rutted dirt road. Now the road is smoothly paved, thanks to the improvement project.

While much has been accomplished, there are still more projects ongoing along the byway, thanks to the Federal Highways National Scenic Byway Program.

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