Self Sustaining Cabins

Wilderness Solutions Inc, an Indiana based company recently revealed its updated Wilderness Cabin complete with geo-thermal heating and cooling. The cabin is made to be fully solar powered and self-sustaining. Working with various state park systems, the company has designed the cabin to adhere to state park requirements.

The new geo-thermal heating and cooling system allows water to be drawn directly from a nearby lake or other water source. The water is then treated to make it drinkable and is also used in the geo-thermal unit. These cabins are perfect for installation in more remote locations where normal utilities and infrastructure are not available or would be too costly to install. Each cabin includes a ‘caboose’ which houses the water filtration system, solar equipment, a battery bank and a back-up generator.

The company offers cabins in various floor plans which come in one or two bedroom options. They are fully furnished including full-size kitchen appliances and an entertainment system. The cabins are intended to be used as campground rentals, resort cabins, or hunting and fishing cabins.

It is hoped that these cabins will offer a good opportunity for revenue for the parks systems without requiring any up front infrastructure investment.

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