RVing on a Budget

RVing on a Budget

Living in an RV fulltime or part time requires a unique type of budgeting. There are certain steps an RV family can take to help reduce costs on the road.

Camping costs average between $25-$30 per night in most campgrounds. There are ways to save money on site costs. Certain campground chains offer membership plans which results in discounted costs per night. Other campgrounds may offer a discount for longer stays. To save costs, RVers might also consider camping without full hookups or staying on public lands where ‘boondocking’ is allowed. (Boondocking is generally classified as camping in an undeveloped area without any type of facilities or hookups).

Propane costs can add up during your travels. Consider installing a catalytic or ceramic heater to your RV. This can make the heating more efficient while lowering your propane costs at the same time.

Many RV enthusiasts find that cooking more of their own meals is a simple way to reduce costs. While storage space may be small, proper planning and shopping can result in healthier and more cost efficient meals.

Another option for many on the road is to find work. This may mean working at a campground in return for free site rental, or parking long term and finding a traditional job.

Most make sure to budget for roadside emergencies. While the monthly costs of roadside service add up, they are minimal in comparison with the costs of towing from a remote area. Expenses like this are worth the investment.

In all areas, be sure to develop a means for tracking your expenses. Sometimes the simple act of recording all expenses in a spreadsheet can highlight areas that are opportunities for additional savings.

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