RVing in the Winter

Many travelers use their RVs to head to warmer climates during the chilly winter months. There are, however, those brave souls who use their RVs to put them right in the middle of the snow and the cold.

There may be some challenge to finding an open campground in an area that experiences cold winters, but it can be done. Check out sites like www.trailerlifedirectory.com and search for campgrounds that are open year round. Be aware that for some, hookups may be limited during the winter months. You’ll even find some primitive locations that have no hookups at all. Look for areas that draw winter enthusiasts like skiers and snowmobilers.

Those who have selected a location must make sure that their vehicle is prepared to handle the weather. Remember that batteries are drained more quickly in cold weather. Having a good AC generator, electrical converter / charger and batteries. Motorhomes that have dual pane windows will be warmer than those with single panes. If your RV has a slider, you’ll need to be cautious about clearing off ice and snow. Be sure to bring a ladder along to allow you to easily clear your slider when necessary. There is always a danger of lines freezing so try to check all water lines and tank valves to determine how exposed they will be to the elements.

Be sure to follow other normal winter precautions. Have your window washer fluid tanks filled. Be sure your tires have good tread and have properly fitting chains for situations where they are needed.

With the right preparations, an RV can be the perfect vacation home in any weather.

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