RV Security

Securing their RV is an important issue for many RV owners. With numerous storage compartments as well as the interior space potentially filled with personal belongings and equipment, there is much to secure.

RV owners need to know that the outside storage compartments are often keyed with generic or universal locks. Your neighbor in the RV park might have exactly the same lock system, enabling quick access to your space. It is important to remember this when deciding what to store in these compartments. For those who live in their RV fulltime, the likelihood increases that you’ll be storing important and valuable items within that space. Your RV usage can also play a factor in determining what type of security to use. Those who tend to park their RV and explore the area in a different vehicle may find it worthwhile to consider hiring a locksmith to rekey all external storage compartments. Those who have their RV stored in a safe area and only use it for shorter excursions might not see the need for extensive additional security.

Other security measures are worth considering. Many RV owners install a deadbolt lock on the entry door into the interior space. Another alternative is to install an alarm system that includes trigger points at any point of entry including windows, external storage compartments and all doors. Make sure the alarm is very loud. When combined with motion sensor lighting for your outside space, these efforts can do a great deal to reduce theft risk.

Whether you live in your RV or it is used for occasional trips, take the time to evaluate your security situation and needs. Everyone can take the simple step of keeping valuables out of sight when not in use. Installing a simple floor safe is another fairly simple option. Taking the time to be aware of your vehicles vulnerabilities can go a long way to helping you make it more secure.

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