RV Roadtrip Doubles as Tailgate Documentary

What will you discover if you set out in RV and film various college tailgates? That’s what these newly graduated folks, Jean-Michel Werk and Stephan Werk are off to find out.

Tailgate The Nation

It was the brainchild of Jean-Michel who wanted to document this behind-the-scenes aspect of college games. When they finally formulated a travel plan, they had a few goals in mind.

Firstly, capturing the football mania evident all over the nation was a priority. Secondly, they wanted to catch a glimpse of more than 15 tailgates for the big college games out there.

Finally, learning more about the little known parts of America and its diverse culture and people was also a definite must on their list.

Thus, they ended up buying a a second-hand RV towards the end of August in Los Angeles and set off on their quest.

Since then, they have explored 22 states and been to 14 different games. And they have made many interesting discoveries on this trip.

“The most unique place we have visited was Clarkdale, Miss., in the Delta,” Schortmann said. “It’s one of those towns you drive through and think it’s a piece of s—, but it’s the people who make it. We met a guy who actually carves and makes his own canoes that take nine months to make.”

The Werk brothers also run a website where they update information about their trip. It contains clips of their documentary, aptly called Tailgate the Nation, as well as recent updates about the movie itself.

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